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Your Difficulties in Merge & Acquisition

When you have an M&A deal in process, you may face a series of questions during each step of the transaction.

- How to maximize your interest during the deal?

- What is the impact of different deal structures?

- How to evaluate the business operation and asset value of the target company?

- How to identify and minimize the financial, tax and legal risks of the target company?

- What are the synergies on the M&A transaction?

- …

Moreover, the specific regulatory framework, unique Chinese culture background and to-be-improved corporate governance make an M&A transaction more difficult in China.

ThinkBridge, rooted with Chinese environment and equipped with expertise from Big Four international accounting firms, is helping you to facilitate the transaction and therefore increase your investment value from the very beginning.

Our Services in Merge & Acquisition

No matter you are a buyer or seller in an M&A deal, you can always find our professional advices are critical to your decision. We can assist you in

- Full scope financial due diligence

- Background check on target company

- Design of deal model and holding structure

- Plan for opportunities to maximize investment returns

- Solution to issues in accounting, taxation and regulatory compliance

- Development of financial valuation model

- Review of profit forecast and future cash flow schedule

- Deal contract review and negotiation support

- Post deal implementation support

- ...

Our Experiences of Merge & Acquisition Service

We have been providing M&A services to many multi-national companies, venture capitals, private equity funds and investment banks in performing due diligence and other consultation work in connection with their acquisition plans.

Clients have rated our service quality as comparable to Big Four, because our project team is always consisted of experienced professionals with both financial expertise and business insight.

Our industry experiences include traditional manufacturing, telecommunication, high-tech & Internet, media & advertising, chemical & pharmaceutical, etc.

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